Bmy Caspian


About the product:
Two-component polymer bitumen-based waterproofing material.
Areas of application:
- vertical and horizontal applications in open and closed structures, in the direction of incoming water;
- in the insulation of foundations, retaining walls, basements and underground garages;
- in the waterproofing of underground concrete surfaces in constant contact with water;
- in gluing of thermal insulation boards;
- isolation of sanitary junctions;
- waterproofing of horticultural structures;
– two-component;
- it is used in a convenient and simple way;
– applied with a trowel and spraying equipment;
- forming a layer with fast drying;
- long-lived and low-cost;
- fully provides insulation;
- has the ability to cover cracks;
- having high adhesion to dry and low moisture surfaces;
- resistant to chemicals and salt solutions in the soil;
- resistance to freezing and thawing;
- lack of solvent;
Comp. A: 24kg
Comp. B: 8 kg
Amount of use:
1 kg/m2 – for 1 mm thickness
3-3.5 kg/m2 – in 3 layers