Bmy Caspian


About the product:
Ccs bitulatex is a water-repellent material with high adhesive strength, formed on the basis of latex emulsion with bitumen rubber, after drying it forms an elastic membrane that is impermeable to moisture and steam.
Areas of application:
- in internal and external spaces, on vertical and horizontal surfaces from the side where water enters;
- it is used as a waterproofing material in cracks, felt insulation, asphalt, lead, zinc, aluminum, concrete, light concrete, wood, slate, shrinkable tin roof surfaces;
- in supporting walls;
- isolation of partitions and holes from water;
- insulation of underground parts of art objects from moisture and water;
- it is applied as a protective barrier against water and moisture on the surfaces of the inner and outer walls in contact with the ground;
- in gluing heat-resistant plates;
- used in insulating greenhouses;
- single component; ready to use and easy to apply;
- can be applied with a brush or sprayer;
- has excellent adhesion to dry and wet surfaces;
– creates a permanent moisture and waterproof coating;
- resistant to chemicals and solvents in the soil;
- resistant to freeze-thaw cycles;
- does not contain solvents and is not harmful to the environment;
– in 30 kg drums;
– in 200 kg drums;
Amount of use:
– 1.5-2 kg/m2 (in 2 layers of application);
– 0.250kg/m2 in primer application;